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What is “Lomilomi” …
 ”LomiLomi” means “rubbing” in Hawaiian language. The Lomilomi is a traditional healing techinique to bring you to be the bast of you by balancing body, mind, and spirit. People knows about lomilomi as a massage, but it is deeper than that. It’s including counseling, energy work, body work,  body adjustment, herbal medicine, etc. In the ancient time, each village has own Lomilomi practitioner who taking care of all villagers coordination with herbalist and counselor.
In a Lomilomi session, we costamize what we will do as a treatment for you besed on your condition on that day. Because it look long time to become that condition, it also taks time to getting back to be balanced. Therefore, the best way is receive treatments couple times until you will be balanced in body, mind, and spirit. And, our goal is you will be happy and balanced without any treatments.
Of course, you can feel the difference only in one session. I just want you to understand that this is not a magic. It takes time to face yourself and heal from inside and outside. That is true healing and that is why Hawaiian is passed on for generations.

★ LomiLomi  ..…$150

A wonderful way to treat yourself! This full body treatment is custom made only for you. Please enjoy real Hawaiian Traditional Lomilomi.

Pohaku Treatment    ..$180

Relax your tensions with a warm sensation with energy stored in natural rocks. Hot Stone Treatments provide muscle tension relief, as well as increased circulation throughout the body. The natural energy that stones hold is healing energy from the Earth itself.

Hui ‘ana Treatment    …..$200

Experience the ultimate massage with combination of Hawaiian traditional Lomilomi and Hot Rock. You will feel every part of yourself; mind, body and energy harmonized and relaxed.

Makuahine Treatment   …..$150

Great treatment for a women who is a mother to be. This treatment is a combination of stretch and Traditional Hawaiian LomiLomi. LomiLomi has been used for pre and post pregnancy and it is very effective. It relax your body and help to prepare for giving a birth. (Please talk with your doctor about receiving a massage. It’s only for from 2nd trimester)

For appointment, please contact            chihanacorp@gmail.com                                                                                               (808)457-7409

We offer Kama Aina, Ohana, and senior rate. Please ask.